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NEW graduate emphasis in River Mechanics & Modeling 

Overview: This emphasis encompasses a broad range of interdisciplinary topics related to fluvial systems, including ecohydraulics, river mechanics, river engineering, surface water quality, physical hydrology, and restoration of aquatic ecosystems. Students in this specialization can design a graduate program to match their individual goals and interests, including both traditional study areas such as hydraulic engineering and applied interdisciplinary research areas related to river restoration and natural systems modeling. Students can supplement department offerings with courses in Watershed Sciences, Geology, Statistics, and other areas to build both the fundamental understanding and breadth of knowledge to solve the pressing challenges in river science and management.

Areas of current student research include: physical-ecological linkages in fluvial systems, surface water – groundwater interactions, water temperature modeling in natural systems, environmental flows, sedimentation processes and fluvial geomorphology.

Student Resources:

Citations (ASCE Guide)

How to write a Project Summary

How to write a Discussion Section

USU Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Handbook

Physical Hydrology Online Teaching Resources 

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HydroLearn Hydrology Teaching Resources


Physical Hydrology StoryMap

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